meet our staff

The staff at Michele Boyne Pediatric Dentistry works as a team, supporting Dr. Boyne's vision of providing first-rate care. Each staff member brings individual abilities and talents to bear upon this singular purpose. The entire staff places parents and patients first, paying special attention to the unique needs and personalities of each child. New patients even receive a card with the name and phone number of their hygienist, should they have oral health questions once they return home.

Martha Stevenson - Office Manager

Martha graduated from Northwestern High School in 1976 and York Technical College in 1977. She is married to Jake Stevenson who is retired from Comporium Communications. Martha started her career in dentistry in 1983 and joined Dr. Boyne's team in February, 2000. She is the "team leader", the "Second Mom", and formerly "The Cavity Clown". She enjoys time at the beach, shopping, home decorating, and spoiling those precious grand babies.

Jacki Smith - Dental Hygienist

Jacki graduated from Northwestern High School in 1994, attended nursing school for a short time but decided dental hygiene was going to be her career choice. She graduated from York Technical College in 2000 and immediately joined our team. She is the senior hygienist in our office. Since she enjoys shopping so much, it's her job to make sure we have all the dental supplies we need. She is the ordering "queen" and a true asset to the team. She is married to Tri Smith who is employed at BlueDot Medical and they have one son, Jackson. She enjoys DIY home projects, Shopping, and hanging out with her little one...Jackson.

Mary Beth McClellan - Dental Hygienist

Mary Beth graduated from Rock Hill High School in 1994 and from the Dental Hygiene program at York Technical College in 2001. She became part of our team in the summer of 2001. She is a single mom to her three children Mary Katherine, Hunter and Matthew.  All of them are involved in various sports so she has no free time for hobbies right now. Spending time with her family on the volleyball court, softball field, baseball field, as well as the football field is her hobby and she wouldn't change it for the world. She is our "entertainment" on a daily basis and is a pleasure to have on our team.

Katie Chapman - Dental Assistant

Katie (also known as Klue) graduated from Northwestern High School in 2002 and from York Technical College in 2005. She is currently attending school to be our next dental hygienist. She is married to Joshua (JC) Chapman who is a fireman with the City of Charlotte, NC. Katie is our "Sunshine" on a cloudy day, the office "baby", and the one who makes absolutely sure that everything is in its proper place around here. She enjoys nothing more than spending time with JC and her family but working full time and going to school doesn't leave much time available for hobbies right now. We would definitely be lost without Katie's exceptional organizational skills and her sweet disposition. She is a keeper and we are proud to have her on our team.

Jennifer Sharp - Dental Assistant

Jennifer is our newest team member. She was Home Schooled and graduated in 2002 and at the same time graduated from Tele-Production Technology. She returned to school to become a dental assistant and graduated from York Technical College in 2013. She is married to Kevin Sharp who is employed by WBTV and they have two sons: Dillon and Carter. She joined our team in 2014 and is a pleasure to have in the office. She is a "photo-bug" and enjoys photographing her little ones, anything outside, as well as US. We look forward to many years with her in the office.

Jodi Howell - Business Assistant

Jodi graduated from Northwestern High School in 1999. She attended the Art Institute in Charlotte, NC as well as York Technical College. Jodi is married to Jamie Howell who is employed by Pizza Hut. She has two daughters Macey Tate and Piper and they tend to occupy most of her time. When she's not "being a mom" she enjoys exercise, DIY projects, and family time. You'll always remember Jodi because she's the one who collects your money...ha-ha. She is the most "laid back" person in the world and her even temperament is truly an asset in her job.

Jennifer Towell - Dental Hygienist

Jennifer graduated from Fort Mill High School in 1993. She attended York Technical College and graduated in 2003 from the dental hygiene program and joined our team in 2004. Jennifer is married to Chad Towell who is employed by Allied Group in Fort Mill, SC. She has three boys, Cayden, Camden and Copeland. Since there is no free time when you have three little boys, Jennifer can be found after work at the baseball field, in the yard, or inside trying to find a little "quiet girl time" in her house full of males. Jennifer would love to have been a country music singer, but since singing is NOT one of her talents, she is just going to keep cleaning teeth in our office and hope that one day Keith Urban will call her for a dental appointment.

Sherra Swenson - Business Assistant

Sherra graduated from Fort Mill High School in 1999 and joined our team in 2003. She is married to Matt Swenson who is employed by Humana Insurance and they have two little boys, Clay and Kaleb. Although Sherra has a number of responsibilities in the office, we consider her our "Official Greeter". You will see her smiling face each and every time you come in and you'll probably hear her voice most of the time when you call the office. She enjoys traveling, the beach, and hanging out with friends and family. We consider her the "Healthiest Eater" on our team and because of that; we're going to keep her around to encourage the rest of us.